December 9, 2023

We crave comfort foods like never before as the nights grow darker and colder. These recipes are perfect for winter nights.

For us, the clocks going forward mean that we can put away the zingy salads and warm up with comfort food. Since this is the time of year when colds, coughs, and the dreaded COVID-19 are on the rise, healthy comfort food should be included. While we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the cheese toasties and pies galore, these recipes will be the ones that are most popular on weeknights. You will feel good and satisfied after eating these suppers.

Chicken Saag

Nothing warms you up like a delicious curry on a cold night. When it comes to nourishing your gut, a variety of vegetables and spices can make a great curry. This recipe is said to contain only 350 calories but has garlic, ginger, and turmeric, as well as cloves, red chilies, and spinach. The formula also says to serve it with Rotis. Here is the recipe.

Butternut and Cannelini Gratin

The best recipes have a lot to do with textures and flavors. Anna Jones is a master of balance because she understands this fact. This warming dish is a testament to that. The crispy top is a result of the sourdough pieces that have been torn, and it’s a great contrast to the delicious squash, soft cannellini bean, and comforting Gruyere. There’s also rosemary, red onions, lemon, and hot vegetable broth in the mix. Find out the recipe here.

Healthy Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

This aromatic one-pot soup will fill you up, make you feel good, and is delicious. It is low in calories but packed with flavor and healthy ingredients like ginger, Chinese cabbage, and chili. We could eat bowls upon bowls of this stuff. Here is the recipe.

Ribollita, or Tuscan White Bean Stew

When you think of Italian holidays, it is easy only to remember the lighter summer dishes. You may even fall into a rabbit hole of recollections of simple tomato bas, il, and manzanilla salads served on the beach. Tuscan food is also heartier than other winter dishes. The Feasting AtHome blog states that “White Bean Stew in Tuscany is known as Ribollita, which means re-boiled.” This hearty stew was created by hungry peasants who worked hard and served their wealthy landowners tableside. They would then add the leftover crusts, crumbs, and meat bits to their homemade soups and stews. The leftovers were used to make soups and stews at home. It’s traditionally a large pot of soup with garden vegetables such as onions, carrots, and celery in a flavorful broth. Then, the soup is thickened with bread and eaten for several days. Add pancetta to give it a salty kick. Delicious and filling. Here is the recipe.

Fish Soup

Soup is a great option for a simple meal during the winter. It will keep us going until at least March. This Jamie Oliver version of fish soup is a favorite because it contains a lot of omega-3 from the seafood. It also includes celery, tomatoes, and garlic. This bowl has all the goodness and flavor you could want. Here is the recipe.

Roast Squash and Chestnut

Anna Jones is the queen of comfort foods, and she’s also extremely healthy. This recipe is a great example of how the quality of the dish depends on the ingredients used. Many of us, vegetarians and not, have groaned inwardly or outwardly at the words “nut” and “roast,” but Anna Jones’ new take shows that with some imagination, you can create a delicious dish. Maple syrup and seeds give the butternut and chestnut squash a crunch and sweetness. The ricotta, or tofu, if you are vegan, adds a luxurious texture. Cavolo nero (or shallots, if you prefer), chili, and thyme also contribute to the dish’s health credentials. This dish will make you never look at nut roasts the same way again. Here is the recipe.

Pear, Maple Syrup, and Brown Butter Pies with Cinnamon Spelt Crust

We can’t ignore the fact that these pies are incredibly sweet. We argue that it contains maple syrup, which is a rich source of riboflavin, a vitamin B2 spelled (which is high in fiber, low GI, and a source of protein), and pears. This is a delicious winter treat that you should not miss out on.

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