December 9, 2023

We’re approaching World Chocolate Day. Here are the best blog posts about chocolate.

We’ve been waiting for this one. World Chocolate Day, which takes place on 7th July, is a reminder to us all to celebrate this humble bean. Some of us don’t need a week-long celebration to show our gratitude. We want to share some of the best tips and recipes that bloggers have to offer. Our pick for sweetening your day.

It’s All About Chocolate

Judith Lewis is the blogger behind the award-winning blog Mostly About Chocolate. She also enjoys wine and cocktails, but her passion lies in the sweet stuff. While her reviews are always discerning, there is never an undercurrent of snobbery. She loves Paul A Young’s legendary sea salt caramel but would also not turn down a Maltesers packet.

It could be improved, but it is informative and entertaining. Anyone looking for the best chocolate to give or receive can look at her “top-notch” section in the sidebar (the Askinosie bars sound especially delicious). Her work is also fantastic. Recipe Section Lewis’s selection of chocolate-based recipes and treats that he has tested and tried from the internet. Who could resist Bailey’s Irish Cream Ultimate Hot Chocolates?

The Chocolate Society

The Chocolate Society is the best place to learn about cocoa beans. What is its mission statement? Its mission statement? We find this a profession we can fully support. The Somerset-based society was founded by three friends in 1991 with the dream of delivering better chocolate. Today, the society’s steadfast calling falls under the guidance of Alasdair GARNSWORTH, whose perfectionist approach has earned the company an array of stellar awards.

Ombar Blog

It’s good news for the most devoted chocoholics among us. Ombar is redefining chocolate to be a healthy food. That’s right. We don’t feel guilty about eating a bar of chocolate with our family while watching a Sunday evening drama. It is actually good for us, we think. This does not apply to all or even most confections. We’re sorry to say that a Mars Bar every day will not keep the doctor at bay. For chocolate makers like Ombar, it’s another story. Ombar’s cacao is raw, vegan, natural, and minimally processed. This allows them to retain the maximum amount of natural compounds, which are 300 in cacao.

In 2007, three friends, Richard, Mike, and Jim, began their quest in Cambridge to create a healthier bar of chocolate. They named it Ombar in honor of their love for yoga. This blog has a ton of recipes that use Ombar products. These vegan pancakes with chocolate drizzle are too good to resist. This video will show you how to make them. Vegan caramel slices with Ombar? These guys can attest that not all chocolates are created equal.

Chocolate Covered Katie

The eponymous Chocolate Covered Katie is a stellar food blog from the UK. Since its inception, it has been featured on or by The Today Show. Her best-selling cookbook has also led to her being hailed as “the next Nigella.” What is her best feature? She says on her “about” page that she has chocolate for breakfast every morning and eats it daily. She’s our kind of gal.

The index of her blog is divided into two sections: healthy desserts and breakfast ideas. Since this is chocolate month, and because the words “dessert” and “healthy” in the same sentence make us happy, we’ve swerved to the right. Many things will make you smile, but these are the ones that we love. Homemade M&Ms. Is there another way to eat the handful of berries that she suggests?

Dessert for Two

Christina Lane is a Texan chef who will help you gain ten extra pounds. This is what her blog, Dessert for Two, promises in its introductory video. She also gads about grocery stores and food markets, looking suspiciously like someone who’s not gained a pound despite whipping a mountain of confections. Oreo balls: You can find these incredibly good-looking chocolate cookie bars all the time.

Her growing collection of cookbooks shows that she also makes excellent savory meals, but as this is chocolate month, we are focusing on desserts. Christina started her blog in order to create small batches of sweets that were easily consumed by two people instead of having to make a large batch that would last for days. We also love her videos – Nutella raspberry martini, anyone?

OMG Chocolate Dessert

Vera, a lawyer by training, began blogging in 2013 to collect all of her favorite recipes from the internet. This simple goal evolved into a way to express her love of sweets (though there are also savory recipes). Her hobby soon became her dream job, cooking at home, often with chocolate and her children running around under her feet.

She has a section of holiday recipes and also a sweet and savory area. (How cute are those spider cookies for Halloween?) These recipes are calling us to the kitchen. Chocolate peanut butter Cheerio cups Vera, we’re willing to suspend disbelief on that one just for you. Vera, let’s suspend our disbelief for you.

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