December 9, 2023

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It could be a Pavlovian response or a variation on classical conditioning, but the instant hot chocolate tastes like an ice-skating rink. Does this happen to everyone ten years old? I have learned to be patient with my age and wait for my cocoa to cool, but the pure joy of enjoying a cup of warm chocolatey goodness in winter is still there.

Although hot chocolate is popular, not all hot cocoas are equal. This version can be made with creamy coconut milk. However, if you are like me, you will want to enjoy hot cocoa within seconds. There are many hot chocolate mixes to choose from, and we tried them all. Continue reading for five amazing hot chocolate recipes.

What is Hot Chocolate Mix?

Hot chocolate is traditionally made in a saucepan. It’s made by heating chocolate and milk with sugar. The basic recipe for hot chocolate is the same: cocoa, sugar, and sometimes powdered dairy. They all mix together when they are combined with hot milk or warm water. Mixes can use different types of chocolate. Some blends contain small flakes or chips of chocolate that melt slowly, while others have cocoa powder to give you rich bitterness. Drinking chocolate or sipping chocolate usually refers to chocolate made from melted chocolate. Hot chocolate is an umbrella term that covers cocoa powder-based varieties.

Over 20 hot chocolates were tested using hot whole milk. Each hot chocolate mix was dissolved in hot whole milk and whipped into a bowl. Unfortunately, our tasters did not enjoy the whipped cream and marshmallows. This is science.

Crow & Moss Honduras Wampusirpi Drinking Chocolate 70% is the best for dark chocolate lovers

Crow & Moss is a renowned chocolate bar manufacturer that focuses on carefully sourced and crafted chocolate bars. This 70% drinking chocolate is rich in honey, coffee aromas, and toasted nuts. One editor shared that this is complex drinking chocolate. It tastes as if you melt a high-quality chocolate bar. It has banana bread-like notes that are sweet and nutty. This is a pleasant surprise.

This is the perfect choice for dark chocolate lovers who care about sustainable, thoughtful sourcing. This cocoa is made with cocoa beans from North-Eastern Honduras. It’s located in Wampusirpi, which can only be reached by a two-day trip up the Rio Patuca river. Our team loved its flavor and aroma.

Most Nostalgic: Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

It’d be a mistake not to include Swiss Miss as part of our tasting test. This hot chocolate mix is the most loved. Swiss Miss offers a wide range of powdered hot cocoa mixes, including seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice and mix with unicorn-shaped marshmallows. The Milk Chocolate hot chocolate is still the best.

Swiss Miss is made with cocoa powder and powdered nonfat dairy milk. It has a creamy mouthfeel and balanced sweetness. Swiss Miss lived up to childhood memories of snow days. Some even loved it more than others. One editor said, “I love it!” “It’s balanced but not too sweet — classic yet comforting.

Nostalgic Runner-Up: Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate

Nestle’s Rich Milk Chocolate Mix deserves an honorable mention for its quality and nostalgic appeal. The old-school milk chocolate flavor was loved by our tasters. They also noted a balanced saltiness and agreed that it was too sweet. One editor said, “Sweety and salty!” This reminds me of the time I spent playing in the snow as an infant.

Candy Bars Most Like

We all agreed that this chocolate bar is for those who prefer sweetness. This chocolate bar is made with Belgian cocoa and Belgian milk. It has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Despite its rich and complex flavors, the sweetest note is the one that shines through.

Most Decadent

While some people loved the richness of it, others preferred it less. However, we all agreed that it retained that classic chocolatey taste that we love in bars. It has a creamy texture that is dreamy. It leaves behind a smooth, velvety aftertaste and a rich mouthfeel. This bar is made with Swiss milk and cocoa. It’s the best milk chocolate bar we have ever tried.

Best Spiced: Spicewalla Classic Hot Chocolate

A sprinkle of cinnamon on top of hot cocoa is always a good idea. Hot chocolates with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg were all tested. The best spiced hot chocolate was simple, with just a hint of cinnamon to go with the warm chocolate. Spicewalla uses Dutch Process cocoa powder that is rich in dark, vibrant flavors with nutty and aromatic notes. One editor commented that it reminded him of eating brownie batter from a spoon.

This hot cocoa actually has cinnamon and vanilla added to it, which enhances its chocolatey flavor. It also gives it an unbeatable richness. One editor commented that it smells “very spicy in a good manner.” Another editor agreed that it was round and warm with strong cinnamon flavors. “A delightful and delicious departure from the traditional.”

Most Spike-able: Lococo Hot Chocolate

Lococo hot chocolate is delicious by itself, but don’t get me wrong. Lococo’s hot chocolate is made from organic cocoa, coconut cream, adaptogenic mushrooms, and a warm blend of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, and cayenne. It’s a women-owned brand. This hot chocolate is a great companion to a little bit of alcohol. It has enough personality and oomph to stand up to bourbon, or a sweet digestif such as amaro.

Starbucks Double Hot Chocolate: A Platonic Idea

Starbucks is my personal favorite when it comes to hot cocoa. Starbucks Double Hot Chocolate Mix is delicious, even though it doesn’t contain a mix of spices or is sourced from far-flung locations. One editor said that it tastes exactly like the one in the store. This is a huge achievement in hot chocolate that can be made at home in just seconds. You should have some peppermint syrup and some espresso. You can make a peppermint mocha at home by adding a few pumps.

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