December 9, 2023

Italian passata is made by briefly cooking ripe, juicy, and flavorful tomatoes, then removing the seeds and skin.

It is used as the base of many traditional Italian recipes.

Store in glass bottles or jars WITHOUT adding preservatives. It may come with some basil leaves, but not more.

Tomato passata, or Passata di Pomodoro as it is called in Italian, has a vibrant red color and a rich tomato flavor. It’s also versatile in the kitchen. It is a quick and convenient way to flavor various dishes, mainly when fresh tomatoes aren’t in season.

In grocery stores, tomato passata can be purchased in bottles or cans. It is usually found in the pasta sauce section or in cans. It is a staple of Italian cuisine.

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In Italy, tomato passata is traditionally made at the end of summer when tomatoes are ripe and juicy. You can buy red tomatoes all year round. Choose the best-quality tomatoes.

The popularity of homemade tomato paste has increased in recent years as people are more interested than ever in cooking with traditional methods and using fresh ingredients from local sources.

You can control the flavor and quality of your passata by making it yourself. It is also great for any excess tomatoes in your garden or local farmer’s markets.

The tomato passata has a rich, vibrant taste and is an essential kitchen ingredient for every home cook.

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What you Made Need to Make Passata: Kitchen Tools and Equipment

To make tomato passata, you will need some special kitchen equipment. The tomato strainer machine is the first and most essential.

There are many types of sandblasters on the market. Others are electric, while others are manual. Here are some examples:

We used an electric one, similar to Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer. It includes three stainless steel screens for processing tomatoes. You can create a tomato passata that has different textures.

A manual version can also be clamped to the table for small amounts of tomatoes. The manual version is designed for manual use, but you can upgrade to the Electric Motor.

You can use a food mill for small amounts of tomato. We recommend OXO Good Grips Food Mill which includes 3 stainless-steel grinding discs to prepare tomato passata in fine, medium or coarse textures.

If you are looking for a professional machine to strain tomatoes in large quantities, Raw Rutes Electric Tomato Sifter Machine is the best option. Made of stainless steel.

You can buy the Fruit & Vegetable strainer Attachment if you own a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. It has a food mill with grit plates for meats and coarse plates for vegetables such as tomatoes.

You’ll also need a fine mesh sieve and a large pan for cooking the tomatoes. This tool will help you get the passata consistency that you want. If the tomatoes have a lot of water, for example, the passata will be too liquid. You can then strain out the excess water using a fine-mesh strainer. The more water you remove, the thicker and denser the tomato passata will be. Cuisinart 3 Piece Set Fine Mesh Stainless steel Strainers

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