December 9, 2023

Mud cake is a relative newcomer on the cake scene. It seems to have appeared somewhere around the 1970s. The first mud cake originated in America and was a descendant of the famous Brownie and Fudge. It originally contained marshmallows. The Mississippi Mud Pie and Dirt Cake are also derivatives. Due to our humid climate, Australian cake decorators prefer buttercream under fondant rather than ganache. This allows for more excellent stability during warm weather. Due to the use of ganache in a cake, making a more substantial, denser cake is necessary. This is why we love mud cakes.

Cake decorators can also use ganache to create sculptures on these stronger cakes. The result is a sculpture that defies gravity and looks like it was made of chocolate or clay!

Pam and I put together the Top Tips for Perfect Mud Cakes because we get asked a lot about how to make the perfect mud cake.

1. If you want to avoid your mud cakes crusting, cook them slowly and long.

Mud Cakes benefit from baking strips around the side – three layers of moist paper towel enclosed in foil and secured with a bulldog clip.

3. To help prevent cracked tops and keep your cake level, a piece of foil scrunched up at the corners can be placed across the extended-height baking paper.

4. Always allow your mud cake to cool down in the tin

5. When cutting the cake into thin layers, support each layer with a cake board to prevent it from breaking.

Mud Cakes Freeze exceptionally well. Defrosted mud cakes are often moist.

7. You can make the instant pudding if you have any leftover chocolate Mud Cake or ganache. You can freeze the rest of the cake into portions, and when you want a quick dessert, you can microwave it to thaw, and the ganache melts into the cake, giving you a warm pudding-like cake.

8. Avoid using flavors in your mud cake with syrups and ganaches. Learn more about how to flavor your cakes using essential oils by clicking here

Our new book, “For the Love of Cake” includes three gorgeous mud cake recipes. Dark Chocolate Mud. White Chocolate Mud. Caramel Mud. Click here to check out the book

Why You’re Going to Love This Recipe

This is my most requested cake. It is a huge hit.

What’s not love about a rich chocolate mud cake with the creamiest frosting?

You’ll love this mud cake:

Rich and moist — this cake is dense and moist (… (check out the pictures below to see how rich it is!)

chocoholics’ dream -this delicious cake will please even the most ardent chocolate lovers

frosting worthy of drooling (I promise !)… It’s just that good. Sweet, creamy, and chocolatey.

The perfect celebration cake This is my favorite cake for birthdays and parties.

Can feed a large group. This rich chocolate mud cake is so filling that you only need to eat a small (ish) piece. This rich chocolate mud cake is perfect for feeding large groups of people.

Freezer-friendly – The cake can be frozen up to three months after it is made by wrapping in plastic wrap.


This recipe was one of Bake Play Smile’s first (around 2013) and has been most popular ever since.

This cake recipe has received 5 stars from my readers. Here’s what they have to say:

This cake was delicious. It was a cake I made for my birthday. “It was light, but very chocolatey and even better the second day.” – Sharon

“I have used this so many times, and I’ve passed the link to many of my friends who love it too! ” – Sarah

This is my favorite mud cake; it’s so easy to make and economical. I can’t fault it. It freezes so well. “Thank you for this recipe”. – Gayle

“Omg!! “This is the best chocolate mud cake recipe I’ve ever made,”- Marie

Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. This was my first time baking it, and everyone loved it at my son’s Birthday. I was even asked to share this recipe twice. The best chocolate mud cake! ” – Nicole

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