December 9, 2023

While deeply rooted in the world of delicious food with a distinct taste, it required Italy for at least an entire decade to catch up with the global trend of chocolate makers who create it from scratch. While Italian firms supplied all over the globe with the latest custom-designed, customized, and specialized equipment for making bean-to-bar on a smaller size (from Packint to Selmi and FBM Boscolo), the craft chocolate industry was undeveloped in Italy.

The country famous for its creation of guanduja did not show any fascination with the pure dark chocolate full of rich tasting notes that were getting so popular throughout the USA. In the past, until some time ago, it was believed that the Italian companies that make bean-to-bar chocolate using fine-flavor Cacao could be identified in only one hand: Domori, Amedei, and a few chocolatiers that were trying out the making of chocolate. In 2022, however, the fame of chocolate, which is renowned for its quality, finally landed on the peninsula!

From the Chocolate Valley in Pisa to the Modica-style chocolate of the past today, there’s an extensive selection of Italian companies committed to premium taste, ethical sourcing, and craftsmanship that blends tradition with technological advancement. They have been awarded International chocolate prizes, are available in well-known specialty chocolate shops, and have established famous brands. The Italian craft bean-to-bar chocolate movement is finally becoming a fact.

Here are fifteen Italian chocolatiers who make delicious chocolates from beans you shouldn’t overlook (in any order).


Agronomist, Enologist, and later chocolatier craft Marco Colzani is known for turning ingredients like fruits and vegetables into exquisite drinks and meals. At the core of his work is an artist. He makes Amaro Cioccolato beginning with premium-quality Cacao sourced from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Sao Tome, Peru, and Ecuador with the invaluable assistance of Rachele Ambrosoni. Together, they manage Spazio Cacao, an exciting place that welcomes curious guests and chocolate lovers to factory tours and interactive workshops.


A couple of powers, Katya Waldboth and Armin Untersteiner from Karuna Chocolate have been awarded more awards at the international level than they likely remember. In the arid valleys in South Tyrol, they produce organic and vegan chocolates ranging from flavor-infused white chocolates to pure single-origin dark chocolate bars. Tanzania, Belize, and India are only a few countries that source their high-quality Cacao using a clear distribution chain that trustworthy distributors back. Their unique molds and custom packaging designs have thrilled many chocolate lovers worldwide.


LIM Chocolate is the sole show of Federico Dutto, a chocolate artisan located in Fossano. Dutto believes in creating sensory experiences resulting from respect for raw materials, sincerity and sincere craft, and a lot of perseverance during the process. The company is committed to using only dark chocolate with 70 to 76 percent cacao content; international retailers and distributors are trying to get access to his traditional yet contemporary creations.


The pioneer of bean-to-bar chocolate from Italy, Bonajuto has made waves since 1880 thanks to its untouched, unrefined, Mexican-style chocolate distinguished by its rustic texture and strong flavors. Under the careful and devoted supervision of chocolatier Pierpaolo Ruta, the wide variety of chocolate bars with different flavors, such as Mandarino, Zenzero, and Noce Moscato, is now available worldwide by the top specialty distributors covering New York to Tokyo, or you can check them all at the historic store located in the middle in Modica city.


A genuine love of exquisite Cacao is evident in this line of Angiolini Cioccolato products. The founders, Giovanni and Alex Angiolini, father and son, ensure that every one of the origins they sell, from Guatemala to Venezuela, provides a unique blend of subtle aromas that impress even the most sophisticated taste buds. With its beautiful packaging, the chocolate bars have reached the top gourmet stores across Italy.


Keyla Cotrina Keyla Cotrina is the primary driver of Nexo Chocolatier. Bean-to-bar producer, store owner, and entrepreneur, each day she turns fine Cacao (from Ecuador, Peru, and Tanzania into a unique chocolate that can be enjoyed. The shop in Sagrate, Milano, is the most convenient place to keep up-to-date with her limited-edition, seasonal, and newest creations and participate in enjoyable and educational chocolate-making classes. No one knows how she can keep herself up-to-date on the social media platforms of her business!


Half heart Italy, as well as the remaining located in El Salvador, Vai Cacao’s founders, Elisa and JuanRa, use these cacao beans that they sourced from the Finca of their own family-owned Cuyancua located in Izalco and transport the beans to Olbia for a total tree-to-bar transformation. The beans are stone-ground and gently roasted. Ceremonial Cacao is their best-selling product. However, they also sell cacao nibs. Cacaongle estate chocolate bars are made from cacao from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica farms. The Cacao is chased directly. The processing process is kept to a minimum to highlight each country’s natural tastes, and no artificial or preservatives are added. Flavors have been added.


After becoming an experienced maker of ice cream, Marco Gruppioni was determined to learn the art of making chocolate. In the year 2017, Ruket Chocolate was established. The chocolate plant in Ferrara’s center is small, yet produces the highest quality chocolate that has satisfied the tastes of international chocolate enthusiasts. From the rich 72 percent Tanzania to the sweet 75% of Haiti, chocolate is made with love for each palette.


Bulgarian ownership with a strong desire for Tuscany and exquisite foods, Tuscani Cioccolato, was established with Julia and Kashmir, who are willing to risk purchasing carefully chosen Nicaraguan cacao directly. Starting with the Dolce Latte milk chocolate to the 100 percent Soave dark chocolate, each bite of chocolate is produced from beans to bars at their chocolate factory in Pistoia, a favorite among tourisCacaouests and professionals. Their focus on raw materials extends beyond the finest cacao, which includes organic Toretto almonds and certified Piedmont hazelnuts, special sea salts, distinctive citrus hybrids coated with chocolate, and so much more!

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