December 9, 2023

What makes your favorite summer treats so delicious?

Many parts of the globe are finally experiencing warm weather, and spring is fast approaching. We think of lazy, warm summer days with our families and friends. No matter how old you are, we all love a creamy, cool ice cream cone on warm days. We all have fond memories of childhood ice cream—the delicious textures and tastes of ice cream and trying to catch every drop that melted. Chocolate was my favorite flavor, and despite my best efforts, almost all of the ice cream ended up on my clothes.

What’s the difference between ice cream, gelato, and sorbet?

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between gelato, ice cream, and sorbet? Some similarities exist: they are partially frozen and have sweeteners, flavors, and other ingredients. Ice cream and gelato both contain dairy. However, sorbet (or sorbetto, if you’re feeling Italian) does not.

You can scoop ice cream into small balls, but gelato is more delicate and often served with a paddle. These variations in consistency can be attributed to the ingredients used and the manufacturing process for gelato ice cream. The amount of butterfat is one difference. The USDA mandates that ice cream contain at least 10% butterfat in the United States. Premium ice creams can hold up to 60% butterfat. Gelato has a lower butterfat content, usually between 4% to 6%. Butterfat makes the ice cream mixture thicker and heavier.

Another difference is in the amount of air. Ice cream has more air added to it as it is being made. Ice cream can contain up to 50% air. Gelato has less butterfat, so it is lighter and has half as much air. This keeps it creamy and dense.

There are many differences between the recipes. Ice cream may contain eggs, while gelato doesn’t. Controlling crystallization is a crucial aspect of making ice cream. Eggs are one ingredient that can help with this. The egg whites and yolks act as emulsifiers, while the whites are stabilizers.

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