December 9, 2023

Deep-fried Icecream Pakora ice cream bhajiya Ice cream ke Pakodewith an in-depth video and photo recipe. An exciting and original deep-fried dessert recipe made from the creamy vanilla scoop encased with bread cubes. It’s an urban sweet candy often served as desserts at Asian or fast food restaurant chains. Children especially appreciate it due to its crisp and delicious texture on the outside and the creamy and melting ice cream inside.

Deep fried ice cream recipe Ice cream Pakora Ice cream Bhajiya cream ke pakora with the step-by-step photo and video. Ice cream recipes or desserts are popular with the majority of us. It is usually served on its own or as mixed with toppings that include dry fruits, tropical or seasonal fruits. Yet, there are different ways to help and share recipes for ice cream. For instance, the deep-fried ice cream recipe, locally called ice cream pakora, is a well-known and delicious dessert recipe.

I wouldn’t say I like the taste of deep-fried food; these days, I only use it for my video blogging. However, I might have made this dessert snack more than a dozen times during the past month. This is not due to its flavor or the desire to eat it but to make it perfect or master the recipe. The essential mix of deep-frying and ice cream is baffling and prone to accidents. There are a variety of aspects and elements that could fail, particularly when deep-frying it. Each time there was an issue, the ice cream would melt and leak out of the layers during deep fry. Therefore, I used bread slices to cover the hard ice cream scoops before coating them with breadcrumbs. Additionally, I’ve double-coated the breadcrumbs, which will give the crispy texture and prevent that ice cream from spilling out.

Furthermore, here are a few more suggestions, ideas, and alternatives for a flawless and delicious deep-fried ice cream recipe. The ice cream is essential for this recipe. It has to be a milk-based creamy vanilla-flavored ice cream. Other vanilla-flavored types, such as fruit-based or yogurt-based, are not a good choice for making this dish. It won’t be able to solidify when scooped and wrapped in Cling wrap.

Additionally, the outer layers of slices of bread could be prepared using other ingredients such as vanilla sponge cake or crushed oats, cornflakes, or even rusk powder. I prefer to use pinned and rolled sandwich bread slices since they can be wrapped around the ice cream balls. When deep-frying, make sure you don’t keep them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. If you cannot notice the golden color of your food, then your cooking oil is not heated enough.

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firstly, scoop large-sized ice cream. You can take any flavor of ice cream. However, I have used vanilla ice cream.

Using a cling wrap, try to shape to a round shape.

Freeze for at least 5 hours or until it turns firm.

After 5 hours, you can wrap it in bread. For that, trim the sides of the bread.

Flatten slightly using a rolling pin.

Now brush the sides of the bread with water. This helps to seal tight.

Now place the ice cream ball in the center.

And cover with another bread slice and seal the sides. You can brush more water if it is difficult to fill.

Now shape it to a round shape and wrap it in a cling wrap.

Freeze for at least 5 hours to freeze the ice cream and bread.

Now to prepare the slurry, take ½ cup maida, ¼ cup cornflour, and 1 cup water in a small bowl.

Prepare a smooth, lump-free batter by mixing well.

Now take the bread-rolled ice cream and dip it in the slurry.

Immediately roll into the breadcrumbs making sure to coat uniformly. You can double-coat the breadcrumbs to get extra crispiness for pakoda.

Freeze for 5 hours again to set completely. This is the final freezing stage.

After 5 hours of freezing, deep fry in hot oil. Use a deep vessel, as the ice cream ball must be dipped in completely.

Fry for just 30 seconds and make sure it turns golden brown. Frying will melt the ice cream from the inside.

Finally, enjoy fried ice cream with chocolate sauce.


First, scoop out, scoop large-sized ice cream. You can choose any flavor of ice cream. However, I’ve utilized vanilla-flavored ice cream.

Using a cling wrap, try to form it into a round shape with a cling wrap.

Then, freeze it for at least 5 hours until the frozen portion becomes hard.

After the 5 hours, you can wrap it in bread. To do this, cut the bread’s sides.

Smooth out slightly with the rolling pin.

Now, you can scrub the bread’s sides with water. This will help seal the bread.

Now, place the Ice cream ball into the center.

And then cover it with another bread slice. Seal the edges. You can apply it with more water if the sandwich is hard to seal.

Now, shape it into a circular shape, then wrap it as a Cling wrap.

Then, freeze for at least 5hrs so the bread and ice cream are frozen.

To make the slurry, make a bowl small enough to mix 1/2 cup maida and 1/4 cup cornflour, and 1 cup of water.

Make a smooth, lump-free batter by mixing it well.

Now, take the bread-roll Ice cream and dip it into the slurry.

Make sure to roll it into breadcrumbs and coat evenly immediately. You can cover it twice with breadcrumbs to add extra crunch to the pagoda.

Continue to freeze for 5 hours for 5 hours to set completely. This is the last freeze phase.

After 5 hours of ice cream chilling after 5 hours of freezing, deep fry after 5 hours of freezing. Ensure you use a deep dish since the ice cream ball must be completely submerged.

Cook for only 30 seconds, and ensure that it is golden brown. The heat from the fryer can melt the ice cream inside.

Finally, you can enjoy the fried ice cream served with chocolate sauce.


First, be sure to firstly, ensure that you freeze every time; otherwise, there’s a good possibility that the ice cream could melt during the cooking process.

Additionally, putting breadcrumbs in layers and white bread help ensure that you don’t break when you fry.

Additionally, you can make Ice cream with the flavor you prefer.

Finally, the fried ice cream recipe is delicious if its outer coating is warm and the inside ice cream layer is hard.

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