December 9, 2023

Bunnies and eggs reign supreme, but there’s a twist

Easter is fast approaching! You may still be looking for quality Easter chocolate to gift your family and friends. This year is the best time to explore chocolate options beyond your local drugstore or grocery store. Visit your local chocolatier and chocolate maker. The gold bunny may be one of many in town. Here are some tips to help you shop. 

It is always exciting to see the creations of chocolatiers and chocolate makers for Easter chocolate collections. These are just a few unique designs we saw as we browsed the internet. Because there were so many incredible products this year, narrowing down our choices was difficult. We didn’t want you to stop reading this list until next Easter.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Chocolatier Christopher Elbow, Christopher Elbow Chocolates, has created an exquisite and delicious Easter collection. These bunny bonbons are adorable and would make a great addition to any Easter celebration.

Mindo Chocolate Makers

The award-winning Mindo Chocolate Maker Easter collection includes the Luna Bunny, which is 67% single-origin chocolate. This will please any chocolate connoisseur! Mindo Chocolate Makers is a chocolate maker that makes chocolate from dried cocoa beans. How does that differ from a chocolatier? This blog post explains how this gal can go from fine chocolate to bunny to cocoa bean all in one place!

Mellis Chocolate

Many of us grew up with chocolate eggs that had a toy inside. These Mellis Surprise eggs are so cute from Mellis Chocolate Toronto. It’s edible! The capsule and surprise inside are edible, unlike those from your childhood. They will be loved by everyone in the family, old and young.

Formosa Chocolates

This spring bonbon collection by Formosa Chocolates is a favorite of ours. These are elegant and adorable, with flavors like passionfruit, white chocolate, sour cherry pistachio, and peanut butter.

Tempt York

Are you looking for an Easter treat to give your vegan friend? These adorable sheep lollies are from Tempt York, York-based chocolate. You can also find many other vegan Easter treats and eggs in their collection.

The Chocolate Lab

Designer Easter eggs are a popular trend. Calgary’s The Chocolate Lab had taken this trend to new heights since last year when they began making their eggs. Dallas and his team are incredibly talented, and each egg is hand-painted with unique designs. The painting is likely to have caused them severe hand cramps.

Cocoa Therapy

It’s always a joy to see actual eggs in Easter collections. This milk chocolate fried egg bar, made by Cocoa Therapy, will bring a smile to everyone’s faces when they open their Easter baskets.

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