December 9, 2023

It’s pink, light and soft. And it swirls high up on a cone of paper. It’s everywhere: the stadium, the kiosk, and the amusement parks. Everyone has it, and you want some. How is cotton candy produced? Here’s how to make cotton candy in just a few easy steps. Are you unsure if your business requires cotton candy? Soon, you’ll discover that this candy is the perfect addition to any event!

Shop for all Cotton Candy MachinesCotton Candy Canvas: Colorful, Flavorful

Cotton candy is one of the most profitable concession foods. It yields one of the highest profits. Cotton candy can be packaged into bags or served on sticks for impulse purchases. Spun sugar comes in a natural white color, but you can easily add colors and flavors, such as orange, grape, banana, or even blue raspberry. Cotton candy is not limited to the pink vanilla or blue raspberry flavors that bring back childhood memories of roller coasters and fun houses. You can make it any way you like and still attract a lot of customers.

Cotton Candy Making is on the Rise

When cotton candy was first invented, it was labor-intensive and a sweet treat for a select few. Machine-spun cotton candy was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair as “fairy floss.” Despite the playful names and nod to nostalgia the wispy candy brings, cotton candy was modernized in the 1970s when the first automatic cotton candy-making machines were created. These machines have been evolving ever since to accommodate a selection of styles and sizes, and you can still preserve an old-fashioned appeal by placing your device atop a cotton candy cart. As long as you have sugar and Floss sugar concentrate or pre-mixed Floss, you, too, can make cotton candy!

Why should I buy pre-mixed Floss?

To give cotton candy color and flavor, you can either mix sugar floss concentrate or purchase a product already prepared for use. Pre-mixed sugar is ready to use straight from the carton. It saves you time and ensures a fast, efficient service. You can use floss sugar concentrate to produce more cotton candy from a small amount of product. One pound of floss sugar concentrate can make over 4,000 cotton candy servings when prepared properly. When prepared correctly, a 1 lb. This is compared to the 60-70 cones that you can get with a half lb. The savings are quickly added up when you buy a carton of pre-mixed sugar floss.

How to Make Cotton Candy

Follow these six simple steps to learn how to make cotton candies. You can use these with Floss that is already mixed or sugar and Floss concentrate.

Load the Floss (cotton candy mix) into the center, which is known as the floss head or spinning head, of your cotton candy machine. Never put your hand or other objects near the floss head while it’s running.

As the floss mix heats up, it begins to liquefy. The fast-spinning floss head forces the liquid out to the sides of the bowl. This is when the Floss starts to form its characteristic cotton-like consistency.

Reduce heat as the Floss begins to flow out of the spinning head.

When the amount of Floss produced begins to slow, add more cotton candy mix into the machine.

Once enough cotton candy has gathered, use a cone to twirl it out of the machine. If you’re having trouble with this step, apply a small amount of water to the cone for the cotton candy to stick to.

To rid the machine of the rest of the cotton candy, run the machine and let the sugar burn itself out.

What to look for in a Cotton Candy Machine

Choose the right cotton candy machine for your business. Unsure which device will work best for you? What to look out for

High-performance spinning head

Sugar can clog up the ribbon heating element. The best choice is a unit made of metal or aluminum. Plastic parts are inferior.

Roll-top bubble

The roll-top bubble is placed on the top of the bowl to provide better product visibility and handling. The roll-top design allows for easy access to the machine when making Floss while protecting it from airborne particles. When not in use, your device is also fully protected.

Stabilizers and clips

Install clips to hold the plastic screen in place inside the bowl before turning on your cotton candy machine. Stabilizers and clips help prevent cotton candy from spilling and make it easier to collect the finished product.

How do we attract more customers?

Learn how to display your cotton candy for maximum profits. Cotton candy is often sold alongside other tasty concession stand treats. Why do people choose cotton candy instead of pretzels or popcorn?

Attractive cotton candy carts

Add a sense of vintage charm to your cotton candy merchandising with a spoke wheel cart. Its timeless appeal will enchant customers of all ages. With a sleek metal exterior, it will combine durability with an old-fashioned sense of fun.

Fun displays and merchandisers

Cotton candy on sticks adds volume and height compared to smaller concession treats such as Candy Apples or funnel cakes. A display pole or floss tree is a great way to show off this verticality. You can hang fresh cotton candy bags on all sides. It takes up very little space.

Stands and Signs

Cotton candy can be all that your customers require to get them craving. Watch as the lines form for your whimsical stands that depict the fluffy, light confection swirled on a cone! Your customers will be drawn in by the sign and stand.

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