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This Bouquet looks stunning, yet with a bit of imagination and creativity you can make it yourself.

Products Used to Make this Posie Box 

  • Large White Posie Box
  • 3 Dry Florist Foam Bricks (for Base)
  • Organza Butterfly Embellishments
  • Poly Sheets for Fillers
  • 11" & 8" Lollipop sticks to be used with the fillers to add height.
  • Assortment of Chocolate Moulds (this particular range is mainly the baby range chocolates)
  • White Chocolate Buttons
  • Pink Candy Writer
  • Ribbon for Box
  • Fushia Foil for chocolates

Note:  Once you have the moulds you can use them over and over again to create stunning single chocolate bombonnieres or a posie box of any size.



Take a look at our Chocolate Kit range for these wonderfully unique chocolate spoon boxes.  This particular kit shows the baby range, which is great to give as a "new born" gift or a present at a Christening. 

Each Kit contains all the necessary ingredients to make these wonderful chocolate coffee spoons.

There are six (6) chocolate coffee spoons in each box, which is sure to delight someone when they stir it in their hot coffee, and taste the melted chocolate in their mould.

Very simple to make these, and they look fabulous as gifts.



This picture has been downloaded from our Supplier of the Sugar Images.

It is just an example of how the Wedding Assortment Images can be utilised.


Using the wedding dress cookie cutter, the cookie has been iced with fondant, than white lustre dust has been brushed on. Silver and blue cachous were then added for the finishing touch.

All so simple to do, but a stunning result at the end.


This cookie has been iced with fondant and a texture mat has been used. The fondant was coloured pink, a texture mat was rolled into the surface leaving the print and then icing was cut using the cookie cutter. The icing was stuck onto the cookie using confectioners glaze, brushed with pink lustre dust when dry, and a light sprinkle of Hot Pink Disco Dust applied for a bit of sparkle.

The texture sets come with three patterned mats. One side leaves a raised print the other side an indented print.

Soccer Bouquet

This bouquet has been created using the following products:

*  Soccer Ball Mould
*  Soccer Boy Mould
*  Happy Birthday Mould with Numbers
*  Colouring Powders - Blue, Yellow, Red, 
    Black & Green
*  Chocolate Melting Buttons - White & Milk
*  Blue & Silver Cello Sheets
*  Blue Posie Box
*  Lollipop Sticks of various sizes
*  Ribbon to finish the product

All these products are available in our store.

Baby Feet Bombonniere Box

This bombonniere box has been created using a 5cm square clear PVC box; shredded cello; Feet 1.5in chocolate mould, colouring powder (pink or blue), baby feet cut edge ribbon (pink or blue) and resin baby girl as decoration.
Jewel Cake

This wedding cake has been decorated with candy jewels/gems made from hard candy using our Gem Hard Candy Moulds.  There are a total of 5 gem moulds. They vary in sizes and shapes.
Crown Cake with Jewel

This crown cake has been decorated with candy jewels made from Gems Hard Candy Moulds.  You can find our full range of gems hard candy moulds in our Hard Candy Moulds - All Occasions category.


Tiered Jewel Cake

An example of candy jewels used on a 3 tiered cake.  View the hard candy moulds used to decorate this cake in our Hard Candy Moulds - All Occasions category.
Flower Fun Mint Mould

This cake has been decorated using the Flower Fun Mint Mould and Flower Fun Texture Mat. 

You will find both these accessories on our website.  Flower Fun Mint is found at Chocolate Moulds - Flowers/Fruit/Foods Moulds.  Fower Fun Texture Mat is found at Cake Decorating Accessories - Texture Mat

Paisley Accessory Cake

Using our Paisley Mint and Paisley Accessory moulds and the Paisley Texture Mat you can create a cake similar to this.

Our moulds can be viewed at Chocolate Moulds - All Occasions and the texture mats at Cake Decorating Accessories - Texture Mats.

Christmas Cake Pop Ideas

Some christmas cake pop ideas using non-pareils, sanding sugars and sugar crystals.

Christmas Tree with Candy Cavity

Our Christmas Tree with Candy Cavity made up so you can see how great they look once completed.


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